Get the Best: Maintaining Your Borehole

Having your own supply of water independent from local authority wells, can be extremely beneficial.  Not only will it make you great savings in the long run, but it also helps to reduce the demand on local water supplies and can be very environmentally friendly.  However, it's not as simple as just having the well drilled out and then using that water supply indefinitely, with no further attention.  It's essential that you keep your borehole well-maintained in order to get the best out of it.  Here's how!

Test Water Quality

It's essential that you continue to ensure the quality of the water in your borehole.  It's recommended that you conduct a test at least once a year -- but if you feel there's a change in the water in any way, be sure to have it re-tested as soon as possible.  These tests should tell you about the water's bacteria levels, its pH level, and whether there are any contaminants in there.  Have a professional company undertake these tests; that way, you can rely on an expert to interpret and understand the results, and to know how to rectify any potential problems that are found there.

Check the Seal

One common way that contaminants will get into your water supply is through the point it's accessed for maintenance.  Make sure that it's properly sealed and not affected by any environmental changes and that no vandals or mistaken guests have interfered with it or tried to open it.

Schedule Regular Services

While it may seem like a simple system, bore water wells can actually be very complicated, and should only be actively maintained -- on a mechanical level -- by trained professionals.  Hiring a company to do this for you, perhaps on a biannual basis, means that you'll find out about any problems with your system before they become major issues.  Equally, any worn parts or struggling mechanisms can be fixed or replaced ahead of time, instead of being left to age.  It may seem like an expense you'd rather not pay, but the same rule applies to boreholes as with any complex piece of equipment -- prevention of problems is always cheaper than diagnosing and solving them.

Since you're using your bore water in your home, it's absolutely vital that it's maintained at a safe level for your and your family's use.  Following a good maintenance schedule, and trusting professionals with all the expert work, means that you'll have nothing to worry about with your well