3 Simple Solutions to Make an Office Space Quieter

In an office, there is bound to be lots of noise that can be bothersome, from ringing phones and co-workers having conversations, to outside traffic that you can hear even with the windows closed. While you can't always eliminate all this noise, it's important for business owners and managers to do what they can to create a quieter workspace, as too much noise can be distracting and stressful for workers. Note a few tips and solutions that can make an office space quieter for anyone.

Window film

You may not want to cover office windows with heavy drapes and blinds, as workers often appreciate natural light; window treatments also need regular cleaning, and this can be expensive and cumbersome. Instead, invest in soundproofing window film. This film will be thick and porous, so it absorbs sound rather than letting it pass through the glass or bounce off the window panes. Soundproofing film will also help to keep glass panes secure so they don't vibrate in a noisy environment; these vibrations alone can create bothersome sound. Adding this film can then create a quieter atmosphere for offices located near busy roadways, schools, or construction sites.

Fabric walls

Bare walls are a great conductor of sound, which is not good when you're trying to cut down on the noise in an office! If you shop any office or building supply store, you may notice fabric panels that are somewhat flat and meant to be installed right over walls. These panels, designed specifically for sound insulation, are made of a soft foam that is porous and which can capture and trap soundwaves, and the foam is covered in a fabric with a loose weave that also absorbs sound. These panels are easy to install on office walls; they're very tall, to cover as much of the wall as possible, but are usually hung with simple hooks or fasteners, just like artwork.

Add partitions

If the sound problem in your office is coming from individual phones and conversations at everyone's desk, you may want to add some partitions to help block that sound and keep it contained. Many offices today will only have a short partition on three sides of a worker's desk; adding a fourth partition that partially covers their work area can help tremendously when it comes to blocking sound. Partition sections are also made to be attached to the tops of partitions already set up in an office; providing taller walls around worker desks can also help contain all that sound and keep the office quieter overall.

For more information and advice, contact a company that specialises in building acoustics.